Research and Resources

“Women who become pregnant unexpectedly need to know that there are places they can go for help, no matter their choice.” —Jill Hartman, PPWC Member

Pregnancy resource centers are a vital presence in Pennsylvania, serving tens of thousands of families across the state. In 2019, pregnancy help was given to over 60,000 young women, men, and their babies through pregnancy resource centers, with over $5.6 million and resources, diapers, formula, classes, and more! In just one year (2019), these estimated totals included:

  • Over 91,000 baby items were distributed (31,259 free packs of diapers, 13,168 free packs of baby wipes, 45,318 free new and used baby clothes outfits, 562 free new car seats, and 716 free new and used strollers).
  • Over 6,500 clients received free parenting education classes.
  • Over 10,000 STD/STI tests were administered.
  • Over 9,000 ultrasounds were performed by a registered nurse or medical sonographer.

Pregnancy medical centers provide these resources and services to empower women and families every day.

Pennsylvania Pregnancy Wellness Collaborative