• Allegheny Reproductive Health Center v. Department of Human Services

    • Case: In 2019, represented by attorneys from the Women’s Law Project, Planned Parenthood Federation of American, along with a private law firm and a group of PA abortion providers filed a lawsuit claiming the state’s Medicaid abortion coverage violates the Equal Rights Amendment and equal protection provisions of the PA Constitution.
    • Resources:
      • February 2024 Update: Allegheny Reproductive Health Center v. Department of Human Services –
      • February 2024: – Article from Pregnancy Help News:
      • April 2024: There are huge campaigns happening encouraging the community to let the Shapiro Administration know that we do not want our tax dollars to fund abortions in PA from numerous pro-life organizations in PA.
  • Early Human Life Development Education

    • Case: HB2080
    • February 2024: Referred to the House Health Committee. Representative Joe Hamm will be introducing legislation that requires early human life development instruction in schools. The utilization of technology has become commonplace in our schools over the past few years. His legislation aims to incorporate technological advancements with existing State Academic Standards to provide students with a more immersive learning experience. Specifically, his legislation would require such instruction to include an ultrasound video showing development of vital organs at specified gestational ages, as well as a computer-generated interactive rendering of the weekly stages of human development, beginning with fertilization. It is important to ensure that our students are learning medically and scientifically accurate information about the full scope of human development from its earliest stages. It is my hope that this legislation equips students with a deeper understanding of human development, reproduction, pregnancy, and life. Please join me in cosponsoring this important legislation.


Resources for Pregnancy Centers on How to Engage with Politicians

  • Check out this recent webinar hosted by Choose Life Marketing titled “Politics, Media Training & PRCs: Preparing for an Election Year. It contains valuable skills to confidently address the bias in our media and engage with your local politicians.