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Crucial Conversations for Life

Thank you to those who were able to attend our first “Crucial Conversation for Life” event in partnership with Bright Hope Pregnancy Support Center! This event was a tremendous success, with more than two hundred individuals in attendance. The leadership of the PPWC would like to encourage each pregnancy center to consider hosting a similar event in their area. Some sugggested elements are: A legislative update provided by a staff member from the Pennsylvania Family Institute.A short message from a PPWC Board Member about the need for unity amongst pregnancy centers, the purpose of the PPWC, and to talk about the great work your pregnancy center is doing.A short message from the pregnancy center’s Executive Director to express how important their work is and how people are helped.An opportunity for the audience to hear from candidates up for a local election.  

The invitation from Bright Hope is below with an invitation to a similar event from Alternatives.Yes! at the bottom of this email. If you would like assistance planning an event of your own please contact us! Holding these events are crucial with anti-life and anti-pregnancy help legislation looming. Educating our donors and communities is vital as we seek to serve women in need.



Join us at our Annual Summit!  

Join us at our Annual Summit! Our annual Summit is coming up! We would love to have you attend. This year, our theme will be “Impacting Maternal and Child Health Outcomes.” You will learn about how your ministry is uniquely suited to tackle the maternal mortality rate in your community and why this messaging is …

April 6, 2024
PPWC Invited Guests on Positively Pro Life Podcast

Sarah and Jill joined our friend Maria Gallagher of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation for a recent “Positively Pro Life” podcast. Thank you Maria for giving us the opportunity to share about the powerful impact Pregnancy Centers across our commonwealth make on maternal health.

May 8, 2024
“Center for Accountability” Launches Attack Against Pennsylvania Pregnancy Center

Last week, the “Center for Accountability” launched a multi-page attack against a pregnancy center located in eastern Pennsylvania. This letter, reported on by NBC, shared many inaccuracies regarding the work of pregnancy medical and resource centers in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Pregnancy Wellness Collaborative is a collaborative of pregnancy medical and resource centers in Pennsylvania, and we …

May 1, 2024
PPWC Represented at 2024 PA Leadership Conference

Amy Scheuring and Jill Hartman were honored to be part of a panel discussion facilitated by Judge Cheryl Lynn Allen on Pregnancy Centers: Protecting Pregnancy Help Statewide. Educating our communities and key influencers on who we are and the impact we make in our local communities is part of the PPWC mission.

April 6, 2024